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Our Japanese Friends are looking for IT engineers. Sections are:

Android / IOS Developer
PHP (CI, Laravel, Symphony)


Any skill or skill set is ok, but the company in Japan will filter among the applications.
Minimum of 2 years of work experience.
Minimum of 2 years of contract must be made with the employer. (Extensible)

Good News

There is no age limit for this opportunity.
No need to learn Japanese Language (but language can always be a good tool).
50 - 120 (in 000's) USD per year depending upon experience and skill set.
Health Insurance will be provided by the employer.
Dependent Visa is Accepted.


Send your C.V. and Cover Letter at info@ikreate.com.np
(must be .pdf files)

Company in Japan will review and filter among the available applications.

Selected applications will undergo video interview through Skype or Google Hangout

Japanese company may invite you to Japan for interview
(employer will pay for the tickets and lodging for interview only)

If interview goes well, employer will provide you offer letter with the package.

Apply for eligibility with the offer letter
(2-6 weeks)

Apply for visa with the eligibility
(1-2 weeks)

Travel to Japan with self expenses!
(employer may/may-not provide travel allowance)