about us

Namaste !

iKreate Technologies is a company dedicated to providing easy and understandable digital services to whoever in need and willing to spend some time to explore its possibilities. Let us agree, digital presence seems to become a primary infrastructure of life these days. If you have a social account like Facebook or Twitter, you have already been pulled to a world of technology, and there is no denying it !

Legally operating since November 11, 2014 : with an aim to create technologies of future, so as the name iKreate Technologies. This is done through various services which you can find in the services section. However, these services are just a part of what we do as a whole.

Company Advisers

Anna Berzsenyi
EAA Representative
Ashish Niroula
Bhawani Aryal
Art & Culture
Kamal Subedi
Mahesh Raj Bhatta
International Relations
Sudish Niroula
Sumant Jha
Web Innovations
Yogendra Shrestha