How to start ?

Recommended : There are not much content here. Its short and to the point. Don't be lazy and read under various topics to clear your understanding of work process and financial details. It is recommended that you register in our system as client so that we could contact you to answer your questions being more specific to your requirements.

Purchase a new domain name

Domain Registration : If you are finding it hard to get a domain name for yourself or your business, we will help you register *, .com, .org, .net, or any other, available at:

Domain Transfer : If you are willing to transfer domain names already in your authority from other domain providers, we will help you to go through all the technical processes.

Purchase web host

This is a place to keep all of your files, emails, and system to be used under your domain name. If you want to know about our web hosting provider, please visit

Web Host Price List * all prices in NRs.

⇐ disk space ⇒
100 MB 300 MB 500 MB 1000 MB 5000 MB 10000 MB
1 GB 900 1300 1700 2700
2 GB 1530 1890 2250 3150
3 GB 2250 2610 2970 3870
4 GB 2805 3145 3485 4335
5 GB 3485 3825 4165 5015
7 GB 4560 4880 5200 6000 12400
10 GB 6480 6800 7120 7920 14320
20 GB 11550 11830 12530 18130 25130
30 GB 17150 17430 18130 23730 30730
50 GB 24540 25140 29940 35940
100 GB 49140 53940 59940
200 GB 84950 89950

start a new project

First thing to do, we have to hear, what you have to say about your project. If you are already registered as client in our system, you are already half way. You can always call us at +977 98512 44 679, or email us at for communication with us. If there is some more to share, we are always looking forward to meet you personally to discuss about your idea.

In addition to this, we will provide you with a sample of what will be created for you in coming days, within 7 days after we collect information. And we expect positive response from you.

If we agreed on doing the project, here are some of the important details of company's agreement. On the first year, the complete cost of project shall include domain cost (starting at NRs. 1,300/yr if applicable), web hosting cost (starting at NRs. 900/yr if applicable) and project cost (starting at NRs. 33,333 one time). On upcoming years, you will need to renew your project under three topics (if applicable): Domain, Hosting and Annual Maintenance (36% of project value). Except for adding new features in your system, all of the support and maintenance services are covered by annual maintenance.

improve existing project

At this point, we assume that the project is already under iKreate Technologies. To all our projects with active annual maintenance service, we provide free unlimited improvements. This will not include mass data entry service, call center, or feature addition to the project. And this includes all necessary elements required for efficient operation, ease of use, good design and capacity building of existing features in the project.

The annual maintenance service price starts from NRs. 12,000 per year (excl. of VAT) depending upon the size of your project. We recommend you to keep all three services (Domain, Hosting and Maintenance) active for your projects to get best support at your finger tips!

system upgrades

This way of providing digital service is mostly targeted for those who are financially unstable but are ready to work for their goal. We have made it easier to divide a big and costly idea into various sections making it cheap and easy to create overtime. You can start with a basic system and upgrade it over time. It was never this easy and efficient.

We will always create flexible systems which can be changed according to the requirements of future. First phase of project development might cost some big amount, but upgrades will always be cheaper, we hope!

A Quick Example : Lets say you have a project currently valued at NRs. 50,000 and annual maintenance cost of NRs. 18,000 per year (36% of project valuation). Now, you want to upgrade your project with a new feature of customer registration and login system. Lets say, the cost of upgrade is NRs. 10,000. When the upgrade is verified and completed, the new project value will be NRs. 60,000 and the annual maintenance cost will be 36% of new project valuation. i.e. NRs. 21,600.

creative designing

At the moment, we have listed some of the sectors of designing that we can work on. It includes but not limited to:

advertising design,
environmental design,
publication design,
motion design,
corporate design,
web design,
packaging design

technical consultancy

We will help you understand all the technical details of going digital. Its confusing until you learn and understand. And if you wish to be able to work on this field, we have a special program 'Online Mentor' which you can apply to start internship in our company and learn to make your own programs and websites.