our services

Services include but not limited to !

Web Application Development

In short, we develop personalized software, websites, web-applications for any individual or organization. There are limitless possibilities of what we can create and share. National projects are our priority. You look over the physical and we look over the digital.

Mobile Application Development

We develop all kinds of mobile applications and over variety of operating systems. Looking over the possibilities of mobile applications mean you want to connect more with people. We are very careful and will make sure, your connection is easy, strong and efficient.

Creative Designing

Good art is a talent but a good design is a skill. Designs are perceptions, and we follow common perceptions. We will study what you have in your imagination and try to recreate it as a digital asset. We believe, a good design is a global language.


Search Engine Optimization / Social Media Marketing. With the thought, "People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want not to help you get what you want." Let's see what you can offer to your market !

System Maintenance & Upgrade

System maintenance is only about making sure that everything is clean, safe and working as expected. We watch over your projects 24 X 7 X 365 making sure it is running without any interruption. If necessary, we are always ready to upgrade your project taking it to a new level. Changes are inevitable.

Promotion & Branding

Single phrase can create or destroy any brand. We understand, promotion and branding defines your idea the simplest way. Let us look outside and plan for some showoffs. There is always the next better way of communication between you and your market.

Domain Registration

Most of the development work starts with a domain name. We tend to find and suggest best domain names to suit your organization or business. Starting just at NRS 1300 per year, reserve a name for your idea and you can move ahead care-free.

Web Hosting

Best & cost effective hosting plan for all kinds of Web Application is what we lean to. Powered by easy-to-use cPanel interface and packed with all the tools you need to manage your website and email. Server provider INMOTION HOSTING, INC., California, USA

Technical Consultancy

Apart from just buying & selling, we offer technical consultancy; paid or unpaid. We understand, before getting into any uninformed sector (if you are new to digital field), it is better to learn more about it. We will answer all your un-answered questions.